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Chicken’s Beak Broken Precautions

Chicken's Beak Broken Precautions

Chicken’s Beak Broken Precautions

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2 Length of severed beak

Local chickens have relatively high requirements on the selling phase. If the chicken beak is excessively cut off decisively, the customer sees that the beak part is more incomplete, and generally they are reluctant to buy it, or affect the selling price. ‎It is recommended to cut off the beak, just cut off the extra tip of the beak before the beak.

It is generally recommended to cut off one-third of the upper beak and one-quarter of the lower beak, rather than the theoretical upper half of the beak and one-third of the lower beak.

It is safer to cut the chicken beak in this way, because in the process of burning, the transmission of heat will damage the beak.

If it is cut too much, it will directly damage the nerves. The chicken’s beak will drop off.

layer chicken cage

layer chicken cage


Chicken Beak trimming ‎Precautions

1. ‎Beak trimming‎ stress

The stress of chicken beak cutting is relatively large, and it is generally recommended that after the chickens have been vaccinated and the chickens return to normal, they should be carried out, so as to reduce the stress and stimulation. At the same time, vitamin K and electrolysis of multi-vitamins are added to the water to reduce stress response.

2. ‎Change the feeding method

After the beak is cut off, it is necessary to keep enough feed in the feed barrel, and it is not recommended to control feed. During the feed control process, when the feed is low, the chickens peck the bottom of the feed tube, and the collision between the damaged chicken beak and the feed tube will greatly stimulate the chickens.

It is recommended to feed throughout the day to ensure that there is enough feed in the feeder to reduce the local irritation caused by the chickens feeding.

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