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How to adjust poultry farm chicken feed nutrition level?


How to adjust poultry farm chicken feed nutrition level?

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(1). Improve the nutrient concentration of feed. It can be added 1-3% oil to feed to improve feed energy level, increase feed intake and improve feed utilization.

(2). Improve the amino acid level. It can be added 0.1-0.15% methionine and 0.05% lysine to reduce heat consumption.

(3). Adjust feeding calcium and phosphorus levels. Calcium can be increased to 4%, so that the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is around 7:1, and the quality of egg shell can be obtained.

(4). Increase your vitamin dosage. Vitamin C, vitamin E and B vitamins are the main supplements, which can be adjusted to twice of normal amount.

(5). Add anti-heat stress additive.To add 0.01-0.04% vitamin C or 0.3% citric acid or 0.3% sodium bicarbonate in drinking water can relieve heat stress and have a good effect on improving egg rate and reducing egg broken rate.