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Why the closed house is a better option for poultry chicken raising?

Why the closed house is a better option for poultry chicken raising?

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The closed chicken house is becoming increasingly popular among those who are raising chickens. This type of chicken house is fully enclosed and windowless, with the roof and four walls well insulated. This allows for an “artificial climate” to be created inside the house, which is much closer to the best physiological body of the chicken than a traditional open-air coop. The conditions in a closed chicken house are also much more controllable, allowing for better control over the growth and development of the chickens.

Traditionally, many chicken farmers are still using the open air shed for starting the business, as it is much cheaper to build and maintain. The open-air shed provides a more natural environment for the chickens, allowing them to roam freely and get plenty of fresh air, it’s suitable for backyard small-scale farms, However,  there are some disadvantages associated with the open poultry house.

open poultry house

open poultry house

disadvantage of open chicken shed

1) The main disadvantage of an open chicken shed is that it does not provide the same level of protection from predators and the elements as a closed chicken shed.

2) Open sheds are also more vulnerable to extreme weather, which can make them uncomfortable for your chickens. Additionally, they may not be able to retain heat as well as a closed shed, making it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

3) The density of chickens kept in such an environment is usually lower than that of a closed one, making it more difficult to prevent the spread of disease.

3) External environmental factors can have a significant impact on chickens, making temperature regulation difficult and leading to potential damage in poultry production. this type of housing is not suitable for cold climates due to its reliance on natural ventilation and lighting.

In conclusion, while the open chicken shed may be a suitable option for small-scale backyard farms, it is not as efficient or reliable as a closed chicken house. Closed chicken houses provide better protection from predators and the elements, more consistent temperatures, and better control over disease prevention. For larger-scale poultry operations, closed chicken houses are the preferred choice and best solution.

In contrast,  the closed chicken house is much more secure and hygienic. It is designed to keep out predators, as well as provide protection from extreme weather conditions. The walls and roof are insulated to maintain a consistent temperature inside the house, which helps to prevent disease and promote healthy growth in the chickens. The closed chicken house also offers better control over ventilation, allowing for fresh air to circulate while keeping out dust and other pollutants. also the closed chicken house is much easier to clean and maintain, making it a more efficient choice for larger-scale poultry operations.

5 advantages of building a closed chicken house

steel structure chicken house

steel structure chicken house

1) It provides a stable environment that is not susceptible to natural conditions such as weather or temperature fluctuations. This makes it easier to maintain consistent production levels and ensures that the chickens remain healthy and safe.

2) Because it’s closed house,  there are no windows in this type of house, it helps to keep out predators and other pests that could harm your chickens, which could be great damage to your poultry farm.

3) All aspects of the environment can be controlled manually or through the automatic environment controller, you can create an optimal environment for your chickens that will help them to improve their production performance.

4) Closed chicken houses are also much easier to clean and maintain, as they are not exposed to the elements. This helps to reduce the risk of disease and other health issues in your chickens.

5)  It’s more flexible, closed chicken houses can be designed with specific features such as automated feeding/ drinking /manure cleaning systems that make it easier for you to manage your poultry farm.

modern chicken house

closed chicken poultry farm

In general, closed chicken houses are the preferred choice for larger-scale poultry operations. They provide better protection from predators and extreme weather, more consistent temperatures, and better control over disease prevention. They also offer more flexibility in terms of design and automation, making them easier to maintain and manage.

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