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5 advantages of automatic trolly feeding system in chicken house

automatic trolly feeding system

5 advantages of automatic trolly feeding system in chicken house

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Automation has really changed the industry of poultry chicken raising business, from the way that poultry is raised to the ways it is processed. Automation has allowed for higher efficiency and accuracy in the production of eggs, meat, and other poultry products.   More and more chicken farms are switching from manual operation to fully automatic system, including egg-collecting, feeding, drinking, manure cleaning, climate control..etc.

Among all the automatic systems, the use of an automatic trolley feeding system can be a great way to increase the efficiency of a poultry chicken house. This system allows chickens to easily access their food without having to be manually fed by hand. The trolley system is made up of a series of tracks that are connected to each other, and the feeder is placed on top of the track. The feeder moves along the track, dispensing food in predetermined areas for the chickens to eat. This system eliminates wasted food as there is an exact amount dispensed per area and it also reduces labour costs associated with manual feeding. Furthermore, it helps keep the chicken house clean and less prone to disease since all food is kept contained within the trolley system.

automatic trolley feeding system

automatic chicken farm feeding system

The automatic trolley system can also help improve the overall health of the chickens . Since food is dispensed in predetermined areas, it eliminates competition amongst the chickens for food. This ensures that all chickens are eating enough and that they are not being deprived of food due to another chicken claiming it first. Additionally, since all food is contained within the trolley system, it reduces the amount of bacteria and other contaminants that may be present in the chicken house. This reduces the risk of diseases, which ultimately leads to healthier chickens.

This system consists of a feed silo, track of trolley, auger uploading device, feeding dispensing system, and feed troughs.

The feed silo is made out of hot-dip galvanized steel, and it was designed to store large quantities of feed, allowing for efficient storage and easy access when needed.

The automatic auger type uploading for silo, loading capacity is 30 tons per hour. hot-dip galvanized steel.Conveying and dispensing device, and feed troughs. The conveying and dispensing device is designed to move the feed from the silo to the troughs, while the feed troughs provide a place for the birds to eat. This system is also equipped with sensors that detect when food levels are low and automatically refill the troughs as needed.

5 advantages of  automatic trolley feeding system

  1. Eliminates manual labor, reducing labor costs and saving time.
  2. Dispenses feed evenly throughout the poultry house, ensuring all birds get enough nutrition.
  3. Uniform feedingis guaranteed, eliminating waste and ensuring that all birds get the same amount of feed
  4. Reduces food waste by preventing overfeeding and ensuring all birds get their fair share of food.
  5. Can be customized to meet any specific needs of a poultry farm.
automatic trolly feeding system

modern battery chicken cage

Overall, an automatic trolley feeding system is a great way to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and keep chickens healthy in a poultry house. The system eliminates manual feeding while still providing access to food for all chickens. Furthermore, it helps reduce the spread of disease by containing food within the trolley system.

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