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Benefits of automated broiler raising chicken system

automatic broiler poultry equipment

Benefits of automated broiler raising chicken system

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The poultry industry has really boomed in the past decade as customers’ demand for chicken meat in the market has been growing every year, and the competition in the poultry industry has gradually become very competitive as more and more investors and new players try to acquire Entering this business aggressively is chasing high profit returns, so it is important for broiler raising farmers to find ways to increase productivity and profitability.

Traditionally, most chicken farmers have been using a floor system, meaning they keep their chickens on shells or wood chips, a relatively low cost solution for beginners just entering the broiler raising industry .

Disadvantages of raising chickens on the ground or wood chips

raising system

broiler chicken raising system

1. High labor cost
2. Poor hygienic conditions,
3. Low productivity
4.Affect chicken health

As the business grows and expands, if you want to expand poultry production and achieve higher production, the floor system will not be well suited for large chicken farms, RETECH farming has designed and developed a new broiler cage system.

Why are automated broiler cage systems gaining popularity in the poultry industry?

broiler cage system

broiler cage system

1. Living more comfortably

high degree of hygiene and good ventilation;

2. Reduce feeding costs

automatic feeding and drinking system,

3. Long use time

The cage is made of durable and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel wire mesh.

4. Save space

Cages have multiple layers and can be stacked to save space and maximize land use.

5. Improved monitoring function

The cage is fitted with sensors that detect temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors, which can be used to adjust conditions inside the cage accordingly.

6. Improve chicken nutrition

Automated systems can be used to track feed consumption and other important indicators related to poultry health.

7. Improve growth and development

battery cage price

chicken battery cage

Automated systems can be used to monitor temperature, humidity and other environmental factors within the cage to ensure the growth and development of the chickens by providing a comfortable and safe environment.

This system is ideal for commercial broiler farms looking to maximize profits while minimizing operating costs.

Retech has been exploring and studying the poultry industry for over 30 years, we’re very familiar with your local market, helped many chicken farmers to achieve great success by renovating their farms and upgrading their equipment, with more than 30 years of production experience, we can design and manufacture both chicken house and chicken cage based on your need and requirement, we can provide clients with automatic layer cage, broiler cage, and pullet cage, with best quality raw material, state of art of technology, competitive price, good service before/after the sale.

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