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What are automatic egg collection system?


What are automatic egg collection system?

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Automatic Hen Egg collection system plays a very important role on the success of your layer and breeder management as well as the whole runs of the poultry business. And since technology is getting more and more involved in this business, you have to find smarter alternatives of manual hen egg collection systems. Automatic Egg Collection System that Tianrui designs can be a very cost effective and time saving alternative that can ensure you product rate and reduce your cost in a very effective way.

Here are some important reasons why Automatic Egg Collection System will be a perfect match for your poultry-

1.It will save your time and labor costs.

2.It will ensure the production of optimum egg quality and best chickens for eggs,  fewer cracked eggs,scrambled eggs, cleaner and less damaged hen egg.

3.Automatic Egg Collection System can eggs directly to egg warehouse.

An accurate calculation and counting of number of hen eggs produced from per tier, per row and per house from best chickens for eggs.

We are Qingdao farming port animal husbandry machinery,currently we have 7 sheds modern layer farm,total raise about 500,000 birds layers,daily egg production more than 400,000 eggs,so Automatic Egg Collection System plays a very important role on the success of our poultry farming.