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battery chicken cage VS free-range farming

battery chicken cage VS free-range farming

battery chicken cage VS free-range farming

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Broadly, there are different systems of rearing chicken namely free-range (extensive), semi-intensive, folding units and intensive systems.

To a large extent, chicken production especially at commercial level, heavily relies on intensive systems, with the common ones being battery cage and deep litter systems.

The choice of system to use is mainly dictated by available resources with deep litter undisputedly being the most widely used across the country.

In recent years, battery chicken cage has been gaining popularity, making farmers choose between the two based on purpose and preference.

In battery chicken cage, greater number of birds are reared per unit area.

Land or free space is becoming a limiting factor and this is why free-range system of poultry rearing is near obsolete.

Feeding management in cages has to be carefully considered since many farmers mostly rely on mash or crumbs for production.

Battery cage is associated with higher incidences of leg problem, cage fatigue, fatty liver syndrome which is increased deposition of fat in the body.