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Benefits of Using Poultry Battery Cages in Modern Day Chicken Rearing

Benefits of Using Poultry Battery Cages in Modern Day Chicken Rearing

Benefits of Using Poultry Battery Cages in Modern Day Chicken Rearing

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In the modern day chicken rearing, battery systems have certain beneficial impact on poultry farming in the following seven ways discussed below.

Battery Cages Boosts the Health of the Chickens

Many poultry farmers do not get healthy results from their chicken rearing because they have ignored the use of battery cages. Battery cages are very good means of accommodating your chickens in healthy conditions that will boost their reproduction.

Original battery cages are not mere cages with wire mesh floor and essential heating elements for brooding chickens. Quality and superior battery cages are designed to outweigh an ordinary wire mesh cage. The wire floor is designed to allow manure go through it, taking it away from the chickens surroundings and eventually minimizing the risks of manure-borne diseases. This will keep the chickens healthy and make chicken rearing a task worthwhile for the poultry farmer.

Increases Egg Production

A chicken that is healthy will significantly become more productive than chickens reared in environments that do not boost their health. Enriched battery cages increase the potential of egg production in chickens.

In fact, recent estimations reveal that sixty percent of eggs used in products such as mayonnaise, sandwiches and cakes are from chickens reared in battery cages. This reveals that chickens have more tendencies to produce eggs in battery cages compared to other rearing systems. It is more advisable to use battery cages to aid egg production.

Qualitative Feeding For the Chickens

The battery cage system makes feeding for chickens a habitual process which connotes more care for the chickens. This is because the chickens are fed through a long bisected metal or plastic pipe and water is served to them with overhead nipple systems which are set before the chickens. This makes it easy for the poultry farmer to care for the chickens with frequent and adequate food and water.

Chickens are well-catered for in battery cages and this makes them healthier and more productive.