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What should you check for chicken cage in your poultry farm?


What should you check for chicken cage in your poultry farm?

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A well-run chicken farm requires regular inspections of farm external and internal environment.You must be clear about possible issues and solve it as soon as possible.what you should check for your chicken farm?

1,Are there rats in your chicken farm?

For rats,chicken farm is a pleasant enough place to grow up.Many pipeline provide place and chicken food feed them.Damage caused by rats have four ways.

  1. bite or kill baby chicken
  2. steel food and destroy equipment
  3. spread disease
  4. disturbchicken


2,Keep the internal environment of chicken farm

You should keep twice tour in your farm.

1, harmful gas (ammonia gas and hydrothion)



With sound ventilation environment,chicken is alive. On the contrary,chicken will be in low spirits.Especially during the winter,you should keep ventilating.


Be careful,chicken faeces is wet with blood.


High humidity is good for  microorganism.But low humidity is bad for chicken respiratory.

6,The number of dead chickens

some dead chicken can be accepted.Under normal condition,dead rate of pullet chicken is no more than 0.005%,chicken is no more than 0.01% and layer chicken is no more than 0.03%.If large quantity of death,Dead chicken must be dissected and pinpoint the cause.


Layer chicken need replenishing illumination.It shall be under the audit and guidance

of specially skilled personnel.

8,drinking and feeding system

Chicken cage Feeding is stable.If feed less and drink more,chicken may be sick.