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How your chicken cage can affect your business?


How your chicken cage can affect your business?

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An accountant at a government institution, says. “Egg production from my 8,600 chickens has doubled since I moved them from deep litter to the caging system”. Using chicken cage poultry farming become lot easier than normal farming. Egg collecting, feeding, watering, everything become much easier. Without cages, Chickens fell victim to diarrhea and loss of feathers in dusty floor. Which will make them less productive. Chicken caging system is hygienic, comfortable and safe to birds. It is also cheaper and efficient. And takes a higher number of chicken to fit in a little space. De-feathering is a result of small mites that hide in dusty floors and feed onto chickens at night. As a result, chicken will end up losing their feather by scratching. But this isn’t the worst part, blood strain will come out with waste, which is known as coccidiosis. It will affect their feeding system & egg production will be lower.

Using cage a chicken takes maximum floor area of 450 to 525 square centimeters. Which is four times less than normal poultry farming.

Let us consider that you are not using any chicken cages, what could happen? Your chicken will be dirtier. Eggs will be dirtier and the manure will be producing ammonia & your chickens will be exposes to diseases. Now consider using a low quality chicken cage, which is not so different from without using one. Using high quality cages will reduce will labor cost, as it needs less maintenance. And there will be no feed loss. Moreover about the manure store system, in low quality cage manure will be moisture & produce huge amount of ammonia .There will be also small mites, which will cause de-feathering and sickness to the chicken. Unhealthy chicken will be a loss of your business. Unhealthy chicken will lose their lying performance gradually, which will bring an even greater loss. Cages also reduce cannibalism & increase productivity. Casing system also reduce your housing space & it will help you to rear more chicken in less space. So using qualified cage should be your best choice to make business more profitable. And as for low quality cage, it is as bad as not using any cage.

Forms and Types of Chicken Cage:

1,A type layer chicken cage

2,H type layer chicken cage

3,broiler chicken cage

4,pullet chicken cage