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The Choice Of Hen House Light Of Layer Chicken Cage

The Choice Of Hen House Light Of Layer Chicken Cage

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Hen house using visible light emitted by artificial light for lighting.Different types and physical phase of chickens has different requirements about time and light intensity of illumination,laying house more strict with light intensity, the time required for light is 16 ~ 17 h, therefore, rely on natural light far cannot meet the needs of the chicken group for day lighting, only by natural light and artificial light supplement can meet the requirements.

Hen house artificial lighting commonly used lamps and lanterns of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and energy-saving lamps, such as the three each have advantages and disadvantages.


1.The incandescent lamp

People commonly known as light bulbs, it is a kind of cheap and convenient light source, but low luminous efficiency, short service life.


2.Fluorescent lamp

People commonly known as fluorescent lamp.It by ballasts, fluorescent tubes, etc, the starter, after turn on the light, a flash of the starter to destroy a flash is a break in an on-off circuit, promote the ballast inspire gas discharge fluorescent tube, led to the wall phosphor excited and emit visible light.Fluorescent lamp high photosynthetic efficiency, save electricity, long service life, good photochromism, but the price is more expensive.


3.energy-saving lamps

Energy-saving lamp can save 75% electricity, long service life,very suitable for poultry farm use.