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How to choose layer chicken cage for your poultry farm

How to choose layer chicken cage for your poultry farm

How to choose layer chicken cage for your poultry farm

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There are many size and type of layer cage in market, you should choose as weight and size of your birds, also the climate in your country. For example, 1.5KG and 2.5KG requests for different size of layer cage. Under hot and cool weather the lifespan of same quality of chicken layer cage will be very different. So the price is no the only.

1.5000-10000 layers. we advice you choose manual layer cage, drinking system is automated, feeding and egg collecting is manual, in future if you want to enlarge your farm to 15,000+ birds, our automatic feeding equipment and automatic egg collection will be installed on the using layer cage directly.

2.15000 layers-30000 layers, we advice you choose fully automatic A type cage, including automatic feeding, drinking, manure cleaning, egg collecting and temperature control system. Chicken dropping cleaning on time will reduce disease and improve egg production rate, meanwhile it will save much more time and labor cost.

3.30000 layers+ Fully automatic H type cage should be installed, one labor can control one house, cause of high automatic cage. Automatic feeding trolley works 3 times per day, belt manure cleaning works one time per day.

TIANRUI have 30 years production experience, 20 years raising experience, let us sharing poultry farming experience and make raising easier.

Please let us know which country are you in? What is your farm plan? how many chicken do you have ? In African countries, we have branch and warehouse. Our sales department will give you helpful advice on your farm and feeding, quotation and house design.