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How to ensure ventilation in poultry farm chicken house?


How to ensure ventilation in poultry farm chicken house?

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The ventilation of chicken house plays an important role in raising chickens, which is one of the key factors for the success of chicken growing, especially for broilers. So how to make sure good ventilation?

Poultry farm chicken house construction ensures the importance of ventilation. Ammonia is a colorless gas with a strong pungent odor. The baby birds are especially sensitive to ammonia. Ammonia has a stimulating effect on the mucous membrane of the chicken, which can cause the mucosal congestion and edema of the conjunctiva and upper respiratory disease.The pathogen spreads through the upper respiratory and lung infection to the chest airbag and the abdominal airbag, causing the respiratory disease of the chicken;Hydrogen sulfide is colorless and combustible gas, with special rotten eggs smell and suffocating, irritating and relatively low concentration hydrogen sulfide poisoning for a long time can make chicken physical deterioration, resistance is reduced, laid plaits, loss of appetite, production performance degradation.High concentrations of hydrogen sulfide can cause respiratory central paralysis and death.

How to ensure ventilation is a concern for every builder in the construction of chicken coop. This is not only related to internal structure, but also to site selection.