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Find out Where to Source Baby Chickens


Find out Where to Source Baby Chickens

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You can find day-old baby chickens at your local farm store in springtime, or order them from a mail-order catalog. Be aware that mail orders usually have a minimum order policy, requiring a shipment of at least 25 chicks. This is because larger numbers of chicks are easier to keep warm in transit, resulting in fewer losses. However, open the box in front of the mail carrier to account for any losses.

Place your order in spring. You don’t want to be ordering in the middle of autumn or winter. Colder weather can hold you back and be much harder to care for your chickens. If you order at the start of spring it’ll be easier for you and the chicks. Besides, most chicks are only available to order in spring.

If you only want three or four chicks to start off, consider combining your order with the orders of other local chicken breeders or farmers to overcome the minimum shipment requirement. Alternatively, you can ask a farm-supply store if they will include your order in their own.

If possible, specify that you want all females when you place your order. Roosters can be loud and aggressive and are not recommended for first timers. The hens will also lay better without roosters around.