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Fold Plastic Egg Create
Poultry farms fold plastic egg create with egg tray

Product Advantages

Service life up to 5 years

>Made of 100% high-grade PP polypropylene raw materials – Good flexibility,folding resistance,impact resistance.

>Open-piece molding process – Make the product strong and stable,not depreciated,with a service life up to 5 years.

>Green environment protection – Moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant,more safe and assured.


Save 80% on freight costs

>Foldable, saving transportation costs – The folded volume is only one-fifth of the ordinary egg crate,so is the shipment freight.(20 ordinary egg crates per CBM,100 folded crates per CBM)

More convenient to use

>Fixed egg trays – Special design of water outlet hole at the folding crate bottom can effectively prevent the egg tray sliding in the egg crate.

>Easy egg pickup – folding crate in daily use can be directly opended by one side to take out the egg tray,very convenient.

>Latch design – The folded crate top edge is speciallly designed with a lock,which can be stacked after eggs loading,it can be stacked about ten layers.

>Handle design – Round and smooth,more comfortable and convenient handing.

Product Parameters

Commodity name Fold plastic egg crate Material Hgh-grade PP polypropylene
Outer dimension 64cm*34cm*25cm Inside Dimension 61cm*31cm*25cm
Dead weight 2050g Load capacity 15kg
Load eggs NO. 240 pcs Volume 100 /1.1 square meter
Product shape Rectangular Color white
Application Egg storage and turnover Equipped One crate equipped with 8 egg trays

Product Display


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