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How to give chicken science refueling?


How to give chicken science refueling?

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Scale chicken , according to the different seasons , different days for chickens science refueling , chicken not only grow fast, but also increase the body’s nutrient reserves hen , hen open production so as to ensure balanced , sustainable even production .

Chickens refueling , first bred breed standard should be . General before 19 weeks to 20 weeks to chicken eggs, feed conversion feed , also known as transition material , calcium and protein feed ingredients should be increased than young chicken feed , the ratio is generally 1% of calcium , crude protein 16.5% , while refueling , the gradual application of a half or so to complete the refueling process. For laying hens refueling , the best choice when laying exchange rate of 2% to 5 % of the feed of laying hens , laying hens feed containing calcium should be at 3.4 % to 3.5% , crude protein 18%. When refueling , after the summer if it is cultivated using natural light young chickens , often open late production can begin refueling at 18 weeks of age ; If the back-up chicken or chicken later maturing varieties cultivated winter use of natural light , often open production earlier , the refueling during 17 weeks of age.

Refueling to young chickens , laying hens material can not be directly replaced , nor suddenly refueling . If you hurry once completed refueling , often due to the composition of calcium and sudden increase in crude protein , especially protein increased, increased water intake , the body tends to chickens caused by digestive malabsorption diarrhea . Therefore , to young chickens refueling , feed calcium is generally about 0.8% , about 15.5% crude protein.