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It is very important to keep the poultry farm good environments

It is very important to keep the poultry farm good environments

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What is disinfectant?

Disinfection refers to the use of physical, chemical or biological methods to kill or remove pathogenic microorganisms (pathogens) technical measures.

In chicken production, disinfection can reduce the exposure of chickens to pathogenic microorganisms, so as to prevent and control infectious diseases.

Povidone Iodine solution (Farm disinfectant)

【Product name】 povidone Iodine solution

【Action use】 farm strong disinfection fungicides, strict disinfection can reduce the infection and spread of pathogenic microorganisms, this product main ingredient is the iodine preparation, is the strong effect, the quick-acting, the long-lasting disinfection antiseptic, to many kinds of bacteria, the bud cell, the virus, the fungus and so on has the killing effect, the effective prevention: Newcastle disease, Bursa, avian influenza, Mycoplasma, Escherichia coli , Salmonella, influenza, blue ear disease, etc. Can kill the parasite eggs of livestock and poultry, and can inhibit the breeding of insects such as mosquitoes, the mechanism is this product contact with the wound or the affected region, can be released by the release of Iodine to play a bactericidal role, characterized by small tissue irritation.

【Use Recommendations】

1, aquaculture prevention is greater than treatment, improve feeding management, maintain the health of aquaculture environment, do a good job of aquaculture environment disinfection can prevent avian influenza, Newcastle disease, bursal, Chuan Zhi, throat, chicken pox, duck plague, viral hepatitis, Escherichia coli, Salmonella, bacillus and other diseases of the probability of occurrence.

2, pigs, cattle, sheep and other livestock breeding environment to do a good job of disinfection can prevent livestock fifth disease, swine fever, blue ear disease, parvovirus, streptococcus, rot, pneumonia, enteritis and other infectious diseases and metabolic products disinfection, milk cow breast cleaning, prevention of breast inflammation and other diseases of the occurrence of the probability.

【Usage dosage】

1, pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, rabbits and other stables and aquaculture equipment disinfection: 1000ml water 100kg, spraying to soak, to maintain 5 minutes or put to dry.

2, surgical site, skin inflammation and mucous membrane wound, mouth hoof ulcer surface disinfection: directly evenly smear the affected area, daily 2-5 times, with 3rd.

3, livestock and poultry ring disinfection, recommended weekly 3~4, the outbreak period to strengthen the feeding management and environmental disinfection frequency.

【Applicable Animals 】 pigs, cows, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons and other livestock and poultry

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