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Lightning System for Poultry House and Broiler Farming


Lightning System for Poultry House and Broiler Farming

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TIANRUI innovative energy-saving technology products and industrial facility lighting considerably improve lighting and reduce energy expenses. TIANRUI offers modern poultry house lighting systems in conjunction with latest cage technology for excellent chicken growth.

TIANRUI Company light system benefits:

The LED lamps energy consumption is ten times less than luminescent lamps and 2.5 lower than fluorescent lights.

The “”Sunrise/Sunset”” system’s lighting regulation capability ranges from 0-100%

In compliance with international environmental requirements for premises with animals and birds, TIANRUI systems do not contain mercury and other harmful substances.

The LED systems can be washed with high-pressure washing equipment and cleaning chemicals due to it’s high level of protection from exterior influences

The cost of installation is included in the price of lighting system

LED Inter-cage lamp (for broiler farming machinery)


Main Features:

  1. High-class polycarbonate body
  2. Standardized light in all cages
  3. Light setting range from 0 to 100%
  4. 50,000 hour service life