How to lower chicken shed temperature?


How to lower chicken shed temperature?

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(1). Longitudinal ventilation – cooling pads and ventilation fans. Chicken house with 10000 layers can be installed 20-30 m2 cooling pads and 4-5 sets ventilation fans with diameter1250mm(1.1KW)  (1-2 sets should  be with frequency conversion control)  to form 2.0 to 3.0 m/s wind speed inner house. It can make chicken induction temperature decrease 6-8 ℃, conditional chicken house can use deep well water to cool the hot air into coops. It will be better ventilation.

(2). Spray cooling : A chicken house equipped with automatic spray system can be used intermittently to spray small droplets at noon and afternoon in high temperature, which can absorb the heat of air through water evaporation and achieve the cooling effect.

(3). Water cooling. The semi-open chicken house should open doors and Windows to keep the air in circulation. In addition to ventilation fans and cooling pads, the cooling method can be done by spraying cold water directly on the top of the chicken coop or chicken body.