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How do beginners raise chickens?

How do beginners raise chickens?

How do beginners raise chickens?

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If you want to raise chickens well, you must learn to observe the flock, such as mental status, feed intake, drinking water, feces, death rate, etc.

How can i start a chicken poultry farm?

1.Mental state

It is very important to observe whether the mental head of the large group is normal for several days, the rate of occurrence of the large group of wilted chickens, and the proportion of the disease.


Observe the increase and decrease of the feed intake of large groups, and comprehensively analyze that after the occurrence of common diseases, the intake of large groups will generally decrease one after another, and they will refuse to eat severely.

3.Drinking water

After the occurrence of secondary bacterial diseases in general viral diseases, internal heat will be generated in the internal inflammatory reaction of chickens. If it is fever, then the general drinking water will increase.


The manure of the flock can reflect the health of a part of the flock. If the stool is normal, the chickens are generally healthy, such as feed feces, white creamy stools, watery feces, yellow, white and green loose feces, red tomato-like feces, bloody stools, etc.

5.mortality rate

When common severe diseases, febrile diseases, and poisoning occur, large groups of people die faster, such as virulent influenza, virulent Newcastle disease, acute cholera, poisoning, heatstroke, etc. Chronic and bacterial diseases generally die at a slower rate, and the incidence of large groups is also slower, which can be judged based on this auxiliary.

In general bacterial diseases, the incidence of large groups is relatively slow, and the incidence of viral diseases is relatively fast, and the incidence of large groups also needs to be considered comprehensively. Many breeders have a common problem. A large group of thousands of chickens has one or two dead inside. The large group is fine, so they start to worry all day long, or they blindly administer drugs for treatment, or they may be fooled by some drug sellers. It’s all up, the medicine is in vain, and the flock is not good! So the focus of raising chickens is to observe the large flock.

Dissecting sick or dead chickens

Necropsy also has a lot of knowledge. Don’t take one or two chickens that have been dead for three or four days to see a doctor. In the hot season, the internal organs of dead chickens will begin to autolyze after more than ten hours in the season. The abdomen will turn green and nothing can be seen in the intestines. . Try to take the chickens that have just seen the disease and the weight is medium and the chickens that have just seen the disease are stunned.

Necropsy requires experience, which is the accumulation of long-term experience, to make a comprehensive judgment on each lesion. If you don’t understand this, it’s best to ask a local veterinarian to help you judge.

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