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Poultry Chicken Battery Cage is the best poultry rearing system or not

Poultry Chicken Battery Cage is the best poultry rearing system or not

Poultry Chicken Battery Cage is the best poultry rearing system or not

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Battery chicken cages are one modified type of chicken cages that are specially used for layer poultry farming,broiler poultry farming. The name ‘Battery Chicken Cages’ rises from the arrangement for own and columns of the cage. Same number of identical chicken cages is connected together that share the common dividing walls just like the case of a battery.

Considering the following points, you can decide whether battery chicken cage systems will be best fit for your poultry farming rearing system or not.

Egg production

In Poultry Battery Cage, commercial egg production of chicken farm much higher as because, the movement of the laying hens are limited. Thus, hens are confined to absorb more food material that would turn into more frequent production of eggs. This is the opposite of what is obtained from floor rearing or other open-space rearing systems.

Reduction of feed Wastage

In Poultry Battery Cage systems, feed waste is reduced to a minimum as there will be no direct contact with the feeder case. Also, for no direct contact with the egg carrier, egg loss due to breaking by hens is also reduced to zero level.

Stock Taking of Chicken Farm

Stock taking and counting is much easier in battery cage system that other poultry orientations available. Even if there are ten thousand chickens in a poultry with battery cages, the owner can easily count his birds which will be much more difficult in deep littering systems where the birds are constantly moving frequently.

Waste Removal Features from Chicken Farm

Feed waste and chicken manure removal is much easier with battery cages. In deep litter system, you have to remove the layer of full shavings. In case of battery cages, you need to remove only the layer of shaving from the lower part of battery cages.

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