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Poultry Farm A Types Chicken Cages

Poultry Farm A Types Chicken Cages

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TIANRUI produces a number of chicken eggs production systems. All of these cages are designed to meet the highest standards while simultaneously offering the farm economic benefits.

The first type of cage available is the basic layers cage. The layers cages are available in standard, premium, and universal configurations. Another type of cage is the enriched system. This caging system is built to meet strict European standards of poultry egg production.

A type Chicken cage combines the benefits of a cage system with those of alternative housing for egg laying hens. The advantage here is that poultry have more space to roam about and stretch. The increased space for the birds guarantees that they are in a good psychological state. As a result, this leads to better egg laying quality. This egg production equipment comes with sand containers, artificial grass zones, and nests. The cage system also has claw-abridgement devices to ensure comfort for the chicken. In addition, it has three perches for the birds to rest on stress-free. The system allows the birds to fly, stretch, and scratch. The system has a number of benefits.

By using it, egg producers qualify for a number of special categories such as free range and cage-free eggs approved by selected countries globally. Thus, one could fetch a higher price for eggs if they are produced using this system. The certification that comes from using this system can be quite economically beneficial. There are also breeder cages available.

These cages ensure that birds can breed comfortably and in an efficient manner. There are two types of cages for breeder stocks: the joined and the separate housing options. These cages are fitted with protective designs to prevent the birds from pecking the eggs, resulting in a higher quality production of eggs for breeding.

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