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Poultry house Ventilation in Automatic Chicken Layer Cage for Sale in Philippines


Poultry house Ventilation in Automatic Chicken Layer Cage for Sale in Philippines

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Ventilation in a poultry house environmental control system supplies fresh air that is essential to sustain life. It also helps reduce the extremes of temperature, humidity and air contamination to tolerable limits for confined chickens.

Improved ventilation systems have also made possible the high density populations of livestock and poultry in confinement, thus reducing the building cost per unit housed. This is economically important since it reduces production and labour costs.

In Automatic Chicken Layer Cage for Sale in Philippines,Ventilation air removes excess heat, moisture, dust and odours from the building and, at the same time, dilutes airborne disease organisms. Properly designed winter systems also conserve energy by utilising heat generated by the birds. Providing proper ventilation to poultry is an art but it can be mastered by any determined and willing poultry grower. It is a challenge, however, since poultry houses are different and ventilation requirements change with time of day, season, temperature, humidity, wind, bird age and density.

Ventilation systems are generally divided into two types: (1) natural air flow system and (2) mechanical air movement (Poultry House Ventilation Fan,The roof fan,50’ Box Fan,Butterfly Cone Fan).

The roof fan can distribute fresh air evenly in the shed.It is used during minimum ventilation mode.PE material can ensure the long service life.The box fan is usually installed at the end of the shed.Combined with the cooling pad,it can reduce the temperature in the shed effectively.The material of the fan is galvanized steel,and the belt and motor are imported,which can ensure the long service life and stable performance.The cone fan can improve the cost performance effectively.

Model Size(mm) Power(kw) Capacity
36 Fan 1000*1000*450 0.4 20800
50 Fan 1380*1380*450 1.1 43170
5050 Butterfly Cone Fan 1380*1380*1180 1.1 49530
Roof Fan 1650*760 0.37 12500

Because of varying ventilation requirements, the two distinctly different systems are sometimes combined in an attempt to provide comfort to the chickens during varying climatic conditions at minimum cost.

General Requirements for Effective Installation

  • Design the Ventilation system with extreme climatic conditions of the area in mind.
  • Follow the design and specifications when you install the ventilation equipment.
  • For system balance, the building should be filled with birds to the designed capacity.
  • Clean the ventilation system regularly and adjust it seasonally.
  • Provide cooling pad for extreme climatic conditions.
  • All equipment (fans and controls) should be serviced periodically and maintained in good condition.
  • Provide good management for the poultry, the building and the ventilation system.
  • A suitable Smart environment control and Alarm system and stand-by electric generating equipment should be available in case of power failure.