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How to raise layers in high temperature environment in chicken farm?


How to raise layers in high temperature environment in chicken farm?

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Up to 35 ℃ or even close to 40 ℃ high temperature weather will cause layers intake reducing, water quantity increasing, egg production performance and egg quality dropping , broken egg rate increasing, and also bring serious influence to the production of layers. How to raise layers under high temperature is very important. It can reduce the adverse effect of heat stress on the production of layers and reduce losses.

  1. Lower temperature
  • . Longitudinal ventilation – cooling pads and ventilation fans.
  • . Spray cooling
  • . Water cooling.


  1. Strengthening raising management measures

(1). Reduce raising density.

(2). Provide fresh and clean water throughout the day.

(3). Adjust feeding time.

(4). Strengthen inspection.

(5). Keep quiet and reduce stress.


3.Adjust feed nutrition level

(1). Improve the nutrient concentration of feed.

(2). Improve the amino acid level.

(3). Adjust feeding calcium and phosphorus levels.

(4). Increase your vitamin dosage.

(5). Add anti-heat stress additive.


  1. Strengthen security responsibility consciousness

(1). Safety of staff.

  1. Safety on duty.