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Raising Baby Chicken: Bring up Baby chicks


Raising Baby Chicken: Bring up Baby chicks

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Tending young chicks isn’t difficult, nor need it be elaborate.

First,get your baby chickens from your eggs or other factory.Put them into your pullet raising equipment.

Automatic baby chicken cage will be good for reducing labor burden.

Then,Ensure that drinking waterers are shallow and cleaned daily to avoid having chicks drown. My hatchery recommends one nipple drinker for 6 baby chicks. I always had ten or twelve, even for fewer chicks, so that they wouldn’t crowd.

With pullets, I used one trolley feeding system for every ten to twelve chickens and a feed trough long enough to accommodate all of them at once.

As well as chick starter and clean water, they need a draft-free brooder pen with a red brooder lamp on at all times. This keeps the temperature at 92oF at 2 inches above the floor. (It also reduces picking and cannibalism among chicks.)

When the chicks have feathered out, reduce the temperature by 5 degrees per week until they are 6 weeks old, then switch their feed from chick starter to grower mash.