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The source of moisture in the chicken house.

The source of moisture in the chicken house.

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3. The source of moisture in the chicken house

The moisture content of chicken houses, especially closed houses, is often higher than outside the house.
The water vapor in the house comes from three sources:
3-1.The water vapor entering the house with the outside air accounts for about 10%-15% of the total air moisture in the house.
3-2.the water vapor discharged from the chicken body includes the water vapor from the flock’s breathing and skin evaporation, as well as the water vapor from the chicken manure. This category accounts for about 75%. In fresh chicken manure, there is about 75%-80% moisture, and its moisture content increases with the decrease in temperature.
3-3. the evaporation of water from the ground, walls, sink water surface, equipment in the house, and bedding accounts for about 10%-15%.The relative humidity in the house also varies with the temperature in the house.
layer chicken house

layer chicken house


4.How to determine the humidity in the house

Whether the humidity in the chicken house is suitable can be measured with a wet and dry bulb hygrometer, or it can be judged according to the feeling of people entering the chicken house and the performance of the chickens.
If the person feels hot and humid in the chicken house, no dry nose and mouth.
The chicken is in good spirits, and the shin and toes are tender and shiny. When the chickens are active, there is basically no dust flying, indicating that the humidity is suitable.
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