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chicken coop

Tianrui Services for Your Chicken Cage

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Pre-sale service Totally free design or suggestion for your project provided by our professional design team, make sure you have a cost-effective, scientific and rational planning. In-sale service Produce the…

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Why Choose Tianrui Automatic Poultry Equipment?

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Tianrui is at the forefront of delivering automatic poultry equipment,making raising the efficiency of farming operations. For example, technical services include automatic control of forage distribution. Tianrui’s automatic poultry equipment…

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Find out Where to Source Baby Chickens

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You can find day-old baby chickens at your local farm store in springtime, or order them from a mail-order catalog. Be aware that mail orders usually have a minimum order…

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Don’t need to close the vents to keep the chicken coop warm in winter

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You will close some of them down, relative to summer conditions; but you still need a goodly amount of air exchange going on, so you cannot shut your ventilation off. In some…

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