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The benefits of closed chicken house!

The benefits of closed chicken house!

The benefits of closed chicken house!

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Recently, the closed chicken house is also called the fully enclosed windowless chicken house. The roof of this chicken house is well insulated from the four walls.

There are no windows on all sides, and the environment in the house is mainly adjusted by manual or instrument control, resulting in an “artificial climate” in the chicken house.

Making it as close as possible to the most suitable chicken body. Physiological needs.

1.The environmental conditions are controllable.

In line with the physiological and production needs of chickens.

the chicken house environment is stable, not easily affected by natural conditions.

through manual control of operation technology, it is beneficial to control the growth and development of chickens.

Sexual maturity and stimulate the egg-laying cycle, which is convenient for chickens. Monitoring the quality and quantity of the group.

Such as restricting feeding, forced moulting and other measures.


chicken farm

chicken farm

2.Intensification and standardization.

The construction of chicken house generally requires a lot of financial resources, and the number of breeding is generally more than 10,000.

The number of chickens per unit area is large, and the land utilization rate is high.

The growth and production of chicken flocks can generally be controlled ,according to the breeding standards of chickens.


3.Save manpower and reduce feeding costs.

The ventilation, lighting, humidity, and even feeding, drinking water, and epidemic prevention of the closed chicken house are all controlled by mechanical and electronic artificial controls,

which will reduce the manpower required for production. will be greatly reduced, thereby reducing feeding costs while improving production efficiency.

chicken feeding

chicken feeding


4.Good isolation and disinfection, less cross-contamination.

Since the closed chicken coop is better isolated from the outside world, the probability of pathogenic microorganisms inside and outside the chicken house entering and leaving the chicken house will be reduced.

The disinfection and sterilization in the chicken coops can be controlled in a certain space, so that the chance of cross-contamination will be great.

The reduction is beneficial to the prevention and control of epidemic diseases, especially major animal diseases.


5.Good disease control, low cost of medicine.

Due to less cross-contamination in closed chicken houses, the internal environment of the chicken house is well controllable, the chickens are less affected by the outside world, and the probability of infection of the chickens is low.

Compared with other types of chicken houses, even if the chickens are infected with the same disease .

Due to the good internal environment and mechanization of drug application makes the drug more scientific, so the treatment is easier and the treatment cost is lower.

layer cage system

layer cage system

6.Normal production in extreme environments.

In extreme environments, such as high temperature, high cold, high humidity, etc., the closed chicken house is controlled by complete artificial conditions.

No matter what kind of extreme environment it encounters, it can use a large amount of energy for artificial control. Normal production can still be organized in the environment.