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The cause of broken eggs in laying hens

the cause of broken eggs in laying hens

The cause of broken eggs in laying hens

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If only a small number of deformed eggs appear, such as the appearance of double-yolked eggs, or temporary, do not need to deal with.Such as the appearance of deformed eggs, may be due to individual genetic reasons of poultry, should be carefully observed flock, pick out the poultry laying deformed eggs in time to eliminate.Such as the appearance of small eggs, broken eggs may be due to shock, breeding staff work with light movements, do not randomly replace the brightly colored clothes, should be fixed uniform The color of the work clothes should be fixed.

If a large number of deformed and broken eggs are produced, attention should be drawn to them. Most of them are caused by oviductitis, oviduct dysfunction or incomplete feed nutrition and imbalance of calcium and phosphorus ratio. First of all, we should adjust the diet of egg-laying poultry, improve feed nutrition, improve feed quality and adjust the ratio of calcium to phosphorus;

At the same time, pay attention to

chicken farm poultry equipment

chicken farm poultry equipment

adding vitamin C, vitamin D and trace elements such as manganese, zinc; and promptly treat the inflammation of the oviduct of egg-laying poultry and regulate the reproductive system of female poultry. In addition, in the hot summer, to improve the intake and feed conversion rate of poultry, anti-stress preparations can be added.


Strengthen feeding management.

For egg-laying poultry, in addition to reasonable feeding, feeding management should be strengthened, mainly as follows.

1. Pay attention to feed quality and forbid moldy and spoiled feed.

2. Create a good environment in the house.

Suitable light, temperature, humidity and feeding density are important factors affecting eggshell quality.

Automatic chicken cage

Automatic chicken cage

3. Keep the environment inside the house quiet.

Sudden noises, shaking lights, bright colors, and changes in rearing personnel can cause stress in poultry, resulting in soft-shelled or unshelled eggs. In production, all kinds of stress should be reduced and daily management procedures should be fixed.

chicken farming

chicken farming

4. Establish sound rules and regulations on the farm.

Each production link should be strictly enforced according to the rules, the feeding behavior of workers should be regulated, and workers should be educated to take care of poultry. Strengthen daily management

5. Reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Such as reproductive tract infection, ovarian infection, Newcastle disease, infectious tracheitis and avian encephalomyelitis, chronic digestive system diseases, etc. can cause egg-laying poultry to lay deformed eggs, soft-shelled eggs and reduced eggshell thickness.

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