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The elimination link of the laying hen chicken house!

The elimination link of the laying hen chicken house!

The elimination link of the laying hen chicken house!

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Have you paid attention to the elimination of large-scale laying hens?

In the process of raising, if the production index fails to meet the standard at a certain age, the chickens that are eliminated are called eliminated chickens for short.

Elimination of regular points: group scouring and zero scouring.

The age of the chickens is too old, the egg production rate is reduced, and the quality of the eggshells is also reduced. In the process of raising, if there are chickens that have stopped production or are in poor health, they will also be eliminated in order to reduce the cost of raising.

There are also relatively special weak chickens and underweight chickens that appear in the brooding period and the breeding period and have no breeding value.

Since chicken cleaning is the last link, it is often overlooked. If disinfection and isolation are not done well during the elimination process, the pathogens carried outside will break through the biosecurity of the farm area, which will directly affect the health of the re-raised chickens or the next batch of chickens.

layer chicken cage

layer chicken cage

1.There are risks in the chicken cleaning process:

Generally, according to the importance of the pathogen in the process of transmission, the disease transmission routes are sorted in descending order of their infection probability, and are divided into chickens and chickens, people and chickens, items and chickens, air and chickens, and animals and chickens.

Flock culling is the main route of chicken-to-chicken transmission, and it is also the transmission route of important diseases such as avian influenza and rhinitis.

Chicken traders transport chickens carrying the incubation period of the disease, and shuttle to slaughterhouses or chicken farms around the world, resulting in the elimination of transport vehicles as infectious agents, which is a serious challenge to the biosecurity of chicken farms.

Poor, the effect of disinfection is difficult to evaluate, which increases the probability of disease transmission and brings great harm to the chicken farm.

2.There are measures in the chicken sweeping link:

(1) Do a good job of isolation measures in the elimination link

Isolation is the main prevention and control measure when chickens are culled

  1. Strictly prohibit the elimination transport vehicle from bringing chickens from other farms into the farm for elimination.
  2. Chicken carts and baskets must be cleaned and disinfected.
  3. The elimination site is controlled at 1000 meters away from the farm, and the elimination transport vehicle is kept away from the farm to the maximum extent.
  4. During the elimination process, reduce the contact between the personnel, vehicles and items in the field and the elimination transport vehicle to reduce the risk of transmission.
chicken farm

chicken farm

Depending on the geographical environment of the site, there will also be many restrictions on the elimination site. In order to prohibit internal personnel, vehicles and external handovers, absolute isolation must be done. Each elimination requires a temporary isolation belt at the elimination site.

Isolation requirements for the elimination site: The site should be surrounded all around, and the fence should be above 1.8 meters to ensure absolute isolation of everything entering the elimination site; in addition, the ground of the elimination site should be hardened to facilitate the cleaning and disinfection of chicken feathers and chicken manure after elimination.

(2) Do a good job of disinfection measures in the elimination link

After the elimination transport vehicle leaves the elimination site, clean the elimination site in a timely manner, and use high-concentration disinfectant for full-coverage disinfection more than three times.

It is unavoidable that people who come into contact with the elimination transport vehicle need to take a bath and change clothes, and isolate them for more than two days. Enter the field.

The elimination of chicken flocks is not only an important means to reduce costs, but also a key node of epidemic prevention and control.

As long as isolation and disinfection are done well, and the transmission route is cut off, the occurrence of diseases can be effectively controlled and the health and safety of chickens can be guaranteed.

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