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Thickened Foldable Chicken Transportation Crate
Poultry farm plastic transport chicken cage for turnover birds

Product Features

1. Made of new PP high-resistance clinker, no recycled materials. The single frame is 5-6.8KG, with sufficient materials are used, the load-bearing is 400KG.

2. The whole body is thickened with reinforcing ribs and the edges are thickened, which can bear 400KG. Naturally falling from a height of 1.5 meters without damage.

3. Fine workmanship, smooth surface, hard texture and no burrs.

4. Designed of reinforced and thickened bottom and surface, stronger fall resistance and compression resistance performance, which can endure thousands of high-intensity frequent turnover demand.

Product Advantages

Transport more chickens at a time, and transport chickens faster

>The capacity is 14-16 chickens/crate, more chickens are transported at a time.

>The card slot type stacking, can be stacked up to 10 layers, stable and without deformation.

>The upper cover with a sliding door, designed of unique guide rail, which is convenient for the free closing of the cage door.


Fewer chickens were injured

> Bottom designed with smaller square pattern, the small tiny mesh grid can effectively avoid scratch and blood stasis of furry chicken, reduce chicken injury.

> Bigger hollowed-out design all over the whole crate, when multiple layers are stacked side by side, the better ventilation for birds.

> With a large opening of 26cm*40cm, it is more convenient to take live chickens without hurting them.”

Split transportation saves more freight,easy to install manually in 1 minute

> The chicken crate is composed of 7 pieces of large upper large cover, lower bottom of the crate, baffles on both sides and sliding doors. The screw free self-locking installation mode, makes the installation easier.

> In the process of use, replace the single piece instead of eliminating the entire crate, which will last longer usage.

> The mesh structure is easy to wash, easy to clean and disinfect.


Product Comparison


Product Parameter

Dimension 95*55*27cm 75*55*27cm
Applications Transport in breeding farms, slaughterhouses Transport in breeding farms, slaughterhouses
Capacity Can load 16 chickens (1.5-2kg per bird) Can load 14 chickens (1.5-2kg per bird)
Raw material Brand-new PP high-resistance material Brand-new PP high-resistance material
Dead-weight 6.8KG 5.0KG
Load capacity More than 40 Kg More than 30 Kg
Service life More than 10 years More than 10 years
Internal dimensions 91*52*21cm 69*51*22cm
Processing customized Yes Yes

Installation Method


1. Take out the base, with the protrusion facing up


2. Install the long side, align and buckle


3. Install the short side, pay attention to the edge protrusion inward and fit the long side.

4. Install the top.Installation completed

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