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Tiantui Automatic Poultry Equipment for Modern Poultry Farming Operations


Tiantui Automatic Poultry Equipment for Modern Poultry Farming Operations

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Today’s poultry farming enterprises can benefit from the trend towards automation, boosting efficiency, allowing for enhanced data collection and making it easier for managers to supervise the activities of workers. Tianrui professional experts can implement automatic poultry equipment at different levels, from  small and simple to large-scale and complex. Automatic poultry equipment apply to every aspect of the life support system of commercially farmed poultry.

Tianrui has a simple approach to delivering automatic poultry equipment:

First, professional designers will come up with plans that meet the specific needs of your poultry farm, taking into account your budget, size and environmental circumstances.

Automatic poultry equipment are installed that precisely fit the design agreed between Tianrui ‘s staff and your business.

Technical training and full customer support is provided for all clients, enabling them to get the most out of their automated poultry farm.

A comprehensive guarantee applies to all equipment and post-guarantee service is provided to ensure that everything works smoothly.

Automation is spreading across the agribusiness sector, and poultry farming is no exception.

Every stage in the life cycle of poultry animals can be included in automated farming processes, and Tianrui will install equipment for rearing, layers and broiler chickens.