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Safety protection of chicken farm!

Safety protection of chicken farm!

Safety protection of chicken farm!

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1.The layout of the chicken farm should be reasonable

Generally, a qualified chicken farm should strictly separate the production area, management and sales area, and living area.
The location of each functional area is reasonably arranged according to the terrain and the main wind direction, so as to keep the chicken house dry and with good ventilation performance to avoid cross infection.

2. Sanitation and Disinfection

The sanitation of the chicken farm environment can directly affect the health of the chicken flock, and maintaining a good sanitary environment should be the basic work of the chicken farm.

The production area should be disinfected once a week and the work area.

Surrounding environment should be thoroughly disinfected once every two weeks.
Equipment and utensils, vehicles, and personnel entering.

The chicken farm should formulate a reasonable management system, but prevent and control the epidemic in advance.

Once the disease continues to spread in the chicken farm, it is best to clear the pen,then thoroughly disinfect the chicken coop and utensils, leave it vacant for 2-3 weeks.

Then re-feed the chickens. Open the doors and windows for ventilation before entering the chickens to eliminate the irritation of the disinfection drugs. odor.

chicken house

chicken house

3. Implement all in and all out

The most effective biosecurity system at present is all-in, all-out.
In this way, the circulating infection of the disease can be cut off, and it is also beneficial to the vaccination of vaccines, the control of environmental conditions and the matching of feeds.

4. Strictly prevent the invasion of alien organisms

It is necessary to strictly prevent the invasion of rodents, mosquitoes and various insects, these animals are the main way of spreading the disease.
Control weed growth in and around the chicken farm and spray regularly with pesticides.

chicken coops

chicken coops

5. To get immunized

According to the epidemic situation of the disease in the chicken farm and adjacent areas, timely choose the vaccine to improve the resistance of the chickens to the disease.
For the selection of vaccines, high-quality vaccines that have been verified by long-term practice should be used, and blind vaccination should not be performed.

6. Harmless treatment of death of sick chickens

Chickens that died of disease should not be piled up anywhere, let alone eaten by other animals.

They should be incinerated in time to avoid secondary spread of the disease.

automatic layer chicken cage

automatic layer chicken cage

7. Inspection of potential safety hazards in chicken farms

Heavy rains, typhoons in summer and autumn, and heavy snow and frost in winter can all cause safety problems.
Therefore, we must pay attention to these situations before the rainstorm: prevent coccidial worms, disinfect drinking water, accelerate ventilation, feed less frequently, and strengthen the quality of chicken houses.

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