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Professional Farming Equipment

Tiantui Automatic Poultry Equipment for Modern Poultry Farming Operations

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Today’s poultry farming enterprises can benefit from the trend towards automation, boosting efficiency, allowing for enhanced data collection and making it easier for managers to supervise the activities of workers.…

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Find out Where to Source Baby Chickens

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You can find day-old baby chickens at your local farm store in springtime, or order them from a mail-order catalog. Be aware that mail orders usually have a minimum order…

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Testing your layer eggs in incubation procedures

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Although it is not necessary to test eggs for fertility, you can eliminate the eggs which are not going to hatch by doing so. It is also an interesting phase…

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How to protect Your chicken coop from bird flu?

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Avian Influenza (AI), also known as Bird Flu, is a group of viruses that affects both domestic and wild birds. Some signs of AI include: Sudden death Lack of energy…

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Attention to Three tips for Baby Chicks

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1,Check local regulations on keeping chickens. Most communities permit keeping chickens, but there may be zoning codes you should follow. You may need to get a permit or a signed…

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How to care for new baby chicks in your chicken farm?

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Keep Chicks Warm Chicks need to be kept in a warm place until they are fully feathered. The temperature at the bottom of the brooding area should be 95-100 degrees…

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Raising Baby Chicken: Bring up Baby chicks

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RAISING CHICKS   Tending young chicks isn’t difficult, nor need it be elaborate. First,get your baby chickens from your eggs or other factory.Put them into your pullet raising equipment. Automatic baby…

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What should you check for chicken cage in your poultry farm?

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A well-run chicken farm requires regular inspections of farm external and internal environment.You must be clear about possible issues and solve it as soon as possible.what you should check for your chicken…

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How to feed chickens in your poultry farm house?

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Starter Feeds Newly hatched chicks ages 0-10 weeks should be fed a chick starter diet with a protein level between 10%-20%. These rations are formulated to provide proper nutrition for…

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How your chicken cage can affect your business?

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An accountant at a government institution, says. “Egg production from my 8,600 chickens has doubled since I moved them from deep litter to the caging system”. Using chicken cage poultry farming become…

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