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What chicken poultry farm equipment do we need?

What chicken poultry farm equipment do we need?

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General chicken farm equipment including chicken cage system, chicken feeding system, environmental control equipment, egg collecting equipment, manure removal system.

1.Chicken cage

Chicken cage including baby chicken cage, layer chicken cages, broiler cages.
Hen cages have Layer and battery type. The battery type cages has 4 layers, 7 layers and 8 layers.

2.Egg collecting, automatic feeder for chicken and manure removal system

The manual operation of the hen house equipment is simple, generally have egg collection carts, feeding vehicles and clear truck. Modern chicken farm equipment is equipped with automatic egg collection, feeding, clear manure, temperature control ventilation and other systems.

3.Environmental control equipment

a. Lighting system: It consists of wire, lamp tube and controller. Automatic controller can achieve set the switch time arbitrarily, adjust the light intensity, automatic start, light gradually dim and dark, power failure procedures are not chaotic.

b. Ventilation: Discharge the foul air, moisture and excess heat from the henhouse, Add fresh air at the same time. Now the general ventilation of chicken house with large diameter and low speed axial flow fan. Wet curtain cooling system composed of porous pad, corrugated paper wet pad cooling fan, water circulation system and control device for the summer. The air through the wet pad into the henhouse, can reduce the temperature of the air entering the house from 5 to 8 ℃, play a cooling effect.